Specializing in HOA & Condo Management

condoAre you tired of leaving messages for a manager who doesn’t return your calls? Or better yet, are you the board member who can’t take out the trash without being swamped by questions or complaints?

Do you hate being the rule enforcer or debt collector? Maybe you’re just worn-out with running the business of your association – you retired, remember?

Collins Realty Group, Inc. can make all that go away!

So… why choose Collins Realty Group, Inc?


  1. Our fee for full service management is all inclusive! Other companies charge for office supplies, storage fees, telephone calls, interacting with the attorney and CPA – these costs are typically buried within the budget so at a glance, it doesn’t appear there are additional fees.
  2. Your assigned manager is not juggling 15 – 25 other associations – he/she will get to know your property, those living in it, and those servicing it. This enables managers to be more effective when enforcing the deed restrictions and designing preventative maintenance schedules.
  3. We use only licensed and insured contractors when soliciting bids for projects. This protects the association from unwanted liabilities with unscrupulous workers.

Management Services

  • Oversee all association service personnel and contractors
  • Act as a liaison between association members, tenants, and the board of directors
  • Enforce the covenants and restrictions as listed in the association documents
  • Advise the board of changes in the laws governing mandatory associations
  • Provide a manager’s report to the board with issues, solutions, recommendations, and suggestions
  • Provide on sight inspections of common areas
  • Design preventative maintenance schedules
  • Ensure the association has proper insurance coverage, general liability, errors and omissions, fidelity bond as required in documents or Florida Statute
  • Solicit contractor bids for various projects and for budget preparation
  • Oversee all projects from bidding to completion

Administrative Services

  • Prepare for, organize, post notices, and attend meetings of the board and the membership
  • Record and transcribe the minutes of those meetings
  • Maintain a computerized membership roster
  • Interact with the association’s attorney
  • Handle all correspondence from owners, title companies, financials institutions, etc.
  • Maintain the permanent records of the association
  • Prepare newsletters

Financial Services

  • Post and deposit collected assessments
  • Send delinquency statements to past due owners
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Prepare accounts payable checks
  • Interact with CPA firm for the purpose of obtaining annual financial statements and tax returns
  • Monitor the financial reports in order to control expenses
  • Prepare and recommend a realistic annual budget in accordance with the documents

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